7 New NFT Projects to Invest in-NFT Project Investment Guide

This guide includes the top 7 new NFT projects to invest in right now. The list was created by our team
of experts who analyzed hundreds of projects across different categories.

What are NFTs? Are they worth investing in? Should you invest in NFTs?
In this guide, we’ll look at the top 7 most promising new NFT projects to buy in 2022. We’ll also talk
about how to get started with NFT investments. This will help you make informed decisions when
investing in crypto assets.
Because NFT Projects have become a viable investment option for anyone looking to diversify their
portfolio with a new asset class.
I’ve compiled a list of the most popular NFT projects and ranked them based on popularity, growth
potential, and investment value. This will help you decide whether or not you should invest in NFTs.

Let’s dive in!


What Are NFT Projects?

An NFT project is a digital asset that represents ownership over a piece of software or game code. These assets are called non-fungible tokens (or NFTs), and they represent unique items that cannot be duplicated.
There are two main types of NFT projects: collectibles and games. Collectibles are items that represent real-world objects. Examples include Pokémon cards, Magic the Gathering cards, and Beanie Babies. Games are virtual items that allow players to interact with other players online. Examples include CryptoKitties, Fortnite Battle Royale, and World of Warcraft Trading Cards.
Each type of NFT project offers different benefits. Collectibles are useful for fans who want to own a piece of history. Players can sell their collection for profit, trade with others, or donate to charity. Games offer fun gameplay experiences that can be played solo or with friends.

Future Of NFT Projects

Some NFT projects are limited edition, meaning that they can only be purchased during a specific period. Others are permanent, allowing owners to hold onto their assets forever. Some projects are both limited edition and permanent.

They were originally created as part of the ERC721 standard, which was developed by Ethereum developers back in 2018. Since then, blockchain technology has evolved into a much bigger industry, and now NFT projects are becoming increasingly popular.
There are currently hundreds of different types of NFT projects available, ranging from collectibles to games to virtual goods.
Each type of NFT project has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to research each one thoroughly before deciding whether or not to invest. Here are the top seven NFT projects to buy today.

7 Best New NFT Projects To Invest In

There are many different ways to invest in blockchain technology. Some investors prefer to purchase tokens directly through exchanges, others prefer to invest in projects that create value.
This guide will help investors identify the top seven new NFT projects to invest in during the next five years. The list includes projects that are currently live, those that are still in development, and those that are coming soon.

Each project was chosen based on its unique value proposition, token economics, team, community engagement, and future growth prospects.
We also considered the current state of each project to ensure only the most promising ones were included.

Regardless of your approach, there are some great investments out there right now. Here are seven of them.

1. Tamadoge – The Best Upcoming NFT Project

Tamadoge is a gateway token to the Play-to-Earning space. It allows anyone to create their own Tamadoge NFTs and sell them through the Play-to-earn space.
It’s a most trending new NFT project that enters its presale in Q3 2022, Q4 2022, Q1 2023, and Q3 2023 and is poised to be one of the most popular blockchain games for the next few years. This crypto NFT project was developed by a team of experienced professionals who understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. They aim to provide users with a safe environment where they can safely invest in cryptocurrencies.

Play To Earn Space

The owners believe that the TamaVerse is the perfect place to launch their first ever blockchain-based gaming platform. They want to build a community around Tamadoge and think that the Play-to-earn space is the perfect environment for them to do that.
As part of the Play-to earn space, they’ve created several different ways for users to interact with Tamadoge. These include minting, breeding, battling, training, collecting, trading, and even playing Tamadoge-themed arcade games.
To ensure that the user experience is seamless, they’ve built a custom Tamadoge wallet that allows users to store, trade, collect, breed, and battle their Tamadoge pets. This means that users can spend their tokens anywhere within the TamaVerse without having to worry about losing their tokens.
If you thought that owning a dog was expensive, think again. Tamadoge is here to change that.
The company’s goal is to make Tamadoge a fun and engaging experience for both users and developers alike. In addition, they also want to make sure that Tamadoge is easy to understand and easy to use.
So far, they’ve been working closely with the community to ensure building something that people will actually want to use. Everyone is excited to see what comes next!”

A New Crypto Game For Breeders To Earn Big Prizes

Tamadoge is a new crypto game for breeders to earn big prizes and rewards. Players can breed and raise dogs by using NFTs bought from the platform. They can also play with their pet by buying toys.
This means that you can create your very own Tamadoge community, and compete against other players to see who has the best Tamadoge NFT. The objective is to raise pets, which are ranked based on performance. The top players receive the most rewards and the most successful ones are placed on the leaderboard.
Users can also enter contests and tournaments to win special prizes.

Tamadoge Launches Presale

It launches its pre-sale, allowing people to buy Tamadoge tokens in exchange for Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). It allows users to own virtual pets. These digital creatures are born, bred, trained, played with, and even sold. It is listed on centralized exchanges. The Tamadoge team has already released a whitepaper and roadmap.
In addition to breeding, training, playing, and selling Tamadoge, users can also collect and trade Tamadoge NFTs. Each NFT will contain a 3D model of the Tamadoge and comes with a variety of accessories.
In the future, you will be able to even play Tamadoge NFT games in the real world. So you can walk down the street and play Tamadoge NTF games with your friends.
As part of the presale, TamaDoge is offering a limited number of early bird discounts.
All of this makes TamaDoge the perfect crypto NFT project to enter the Play-to-Earning space.

2. Axie Infinity – Coolest NFT Metaverse Project Ever Made

Axie Infinity is another successful NFT project by a Vietnam-based company, Sky Mavis. It’s a metaverse play-to-earn game centered on colorful creatures called Axies that battle, collect and build for treasure. Players can buy, sell and trade their creations, and even breed their Axies to make new NFTs.
Players collect cute little creatures known as Axies and use them to battle against other players. The game itself is very easy to play, but the real fun starts once you start breeding your pets. They can also trade them to earn additional resources. Each Axie has a unique ability that it can use during battles. Some of them can heal others, some can attack enemies, while others can perform special attacks.
Every day, you can take part in daily events where you can win prizes just for playing. Now Let’s review some stats to know what potential this game has for new investors
This is a great opportunity for new investors, as a huge amount of $3.6 billion of AXS has been traded on their in-house marketplace. The most expensive Axie ever sold on this platform at 820k dollars. Currently, The game has 2.8 million daily active players. AXS coin’s value may rise as these numbers multiply.
These AXS tokens are used to power the game and this utility along with other features makes it one of the best-selling games. It is also one of the few blockchain-based apps that managed to rank among the top three grossing apps in South Korea.
For gamers, Axie Infinity might be the most trending NFT Project to invest in.

3. Crypto Baristas

What if we were able to give everyone access to the best coffee possible?
That’s exactly what the Crypto Baristas NFT project hopes to accomplish. Through their NFTs, they hope to raise funds to support projects that benefit coffee growers and consumers alike.
Their first project, which they call Crypto Baristas, looks to provide funding for farms and cooperatives that are committed to producing high-quality, fair-trade coffee. In addition, they plan to donate the profits to organizations that are dedicated to improving the lives of coffee workers.
They’re creating digital collectibles called NFTs that you can buy to support projects that are important to you.
Coffee Bros., the world’s first crypto barista shop, is now open. They say, This season, they are launching the second round of Crypto Baristas. They’ve been hard at work building out our next generation of Crypto Baristas, including introducing some new features and expanding our partnerships.
In Crypto Baristas Season 2, They’ll be adding 66 new coffee baristas based on caffeine-loving characters throughout the season. These new baristas will join the existing Crypto Baristas, giving you plenty of variety to choose from.
Here’s a new feature called “Seasonal Perks.” Throughout the season, owners will receive exclusive rewards for life at all future cafe spaces, our coffee partners, website (Coffee Bros.), exclusive coffees, and discounts on Crypto Barista merchandise. In addition to receiving discounts on coffee, you’ll also earn points redeemable for free drinks, gift cards, and even a chance to win prizes like trips.
They do amazing things like helping farmers around the globe gain access to fair wages, safe conditions, and education.

4. Battle Infinity – A Play To Earn Game With An Innovative Storyline

Battle Infinity is a huge new NFT project with multiple platforms built around its own BEP-20 $IBAT token. Its metaverse gaming ecosystem brings together everything from fantasy sports to blockchain technology.
IBAT Premiere league by Battle Infinity is the first decentralized NFT-based game, integrated with metaverse. You can build your team and earn with others around the world.
This promising NFT project has six unique products which include Battle Swap, Battle Market, Battle Games, Battle Arena, Battle Stacking, and IBAT Premier League. A total of 10 billion IBAT tokens will be issued during the initial coin offering.
The battle infinity project is a blockchain-based game where players are rewarded for playing games. Players must use tokens earned from gameplay to purchase items in the marketplace. In addition, players can stake their tokens and receive rewards from the staking process. The token economy allows players to spend their tokens to buy power-ups, upgrades, and access premium features within the game.
And since everything on the platform is tokenized, you don’t have to worry about losing your hard-earned money.
All of this comes together to give you the ability to play any game anywhere, anytime. So go ahead, pick a game, and start earning some points!

5. Imaginary Ones

Imaginary Ones is an art lover’s dream and is an excellent investment as one of the best NFTs to buy. This creative project is based on the Ethereum network and is powered by blockchain technology. They believe this animated artwork 3D project will be used to spread positivity, love, and creativity around the world.
Imaginary ones will hire the best talent and build a community to share a vision. In addition, the company will experiment by collaborating with the team and explore the lintless potential of web 3.0. It is an exciting 3D artwork project with an initial drop including 8,888 unique NTFs.
These unique creations are available to buy or sell on the Opensea NFT marketplace. So it’s the biggest investment opportunity for art lovers and creative people.
This new NFT project was created by Singaporean artist Cmttat and his team. It’s backed by a group of experts with over a decade of experience designing artworks for some of the most prominent brands in the world.
If you’re planning to support this remarkable creative project then you must follow Imaginary ones on Twitter. You’ll be informed of an opportunity to get onto the whitelist for future NFT releases, and information about upcoming NFT projects. As investors must update with promotions, news, and best practices to minimize or avoid high transaction costs.

6. Dribblie

The world of football is about to change forever. Dribble is the first deflating play to earn NFT project. A deflationary economy built around the NFT token DRBL. Players stake tokens to participate in matches and win prizes.
Dribble is a football management simulator game where players compete against each other to build their own football club. Players can choose any player from real-life football clubs and manage them to achieve success. They can buy players, train them, hire coaches, set tactics, and even transfer them between clubs.
Players can also stake tokens to gain access to exclusive content such as premium players, stadiums, kits, and more. They can also breed players to produce offspring which can be sold in the marketplace.
Owners rent out their players to other teams or clubs to boost their income. For example, If a player scores goals, he earns money and his owner gets rewarded. Owners who score more often receive higher rewards. Renting out players is done with a smart contract that ensures fair payouts. Teams compete against each other to collect more tokens and become the best team in the galaxy.
There are many challenges to complete including completing tasks, earning achievements, and beating opponents. Players can also unlock special items and collectibles to enhance their club.
Dribble is an innovative blockchain-based sports game that combines the fun of playing fantasy football with the excitement of competing against your friends. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed experience that allows you to create your dream team and take on the competition.

7. Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends is a unique NFT project that aims to bring fashion into the realm of virtual reality. It has caught the eyes of many investors and collectors due to tremendous hype creation in recent months.
By combining VR technology and customizable wearable tech, Markus Magnusson, a Swedish artist developed this promising NFT project. He creates characters that can interact with each other, walk around and even change clothes while being completely undetectable.
This is a unique piece of interactive art where you can wear clothes while having a virtual friend walk around you. You can interact with them via voice commands and gestures.
There is a collection of 5000 NFTs from the random character collective in Invisible friends under the Ethereum blockchain. All the IF holders will get the opportunity to access the Invisible future collection in 3D version from the random character collective at the end of this summer.
Would you like to Join the journey into the world of Invisible Friends?

How To Choose What Upcoming NFT Projects To Invest In

Many people are excited about the potential benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. There’s one thing missing: the ability to use digital assets like collectibles or even physical items. This is where NFTs come into play.
NFTs are digital tokens that represent real-world objects. They allow you to buy, sell, trade, and hold digital assets just like traditional currencies. But unlike traditional currencies, NFTs are based on blockchain technology, giving them additional security and transparency.
But while NFTs sound great, finding projects that meet your needs can be difficult. If you want to invest in NFTs, you need to understand the different types of projects out there. You also need to know how to identify scams and avoid investing in projects that aren’t worth your money.
Here, we’ll walk you through the process of evaluating NFT projects. We’ll explain what makes each type of project unique and provide tips to help you make smart decisions about your investments. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of the different kinds of projects and how to spot scams.

1. Know and Understand Your Goal

Before you buy an NFT you should know what it is you are trying to achieve. Do you just want to collect the item? Or do you plan to use it later? Are you looking to learn how to play the game? Is there a specific artist you love? Maybe you want to be able to show off your collection?
The answer to those questions will help determine whether you should purchase an NFT or not. Buying an NFT as a collector could mean spending hundreds of dollars on something you might never actually use. On the other hand, purchasing an NFT because you want to learn how to play a game or because you want to support an artist could cost less than $10.
In addition, if you are planning on investing in an NFT, make sure you understand the risks involved. You don’t want to end up losing money on a piece of digital artwork.

2. Find A NFT Project

Here’s how you can find one:

Look for trends. You can find NFT projects by volume on Open Sea, Cryptoslam, and Non-Fungible. Use paid tools like,, and to find popular projects up to the last moment. Follow NTF collectors. Top NFTcollectors trade a large volume of tokens and are often the first to find new projects. Tools such as allow you to see recent transactions from collectors. You can also follow collectors on Twitter (follow the NFT topic to start). They might retweet about upcoming auctions or tell you where they got the NFT. Join NFT communities to get the latest updates on projects. You can join The ODyssey communities which are free and the best place to learn about NFTs. The paid communities are most desired like Metaverse, FWB, and CPG Club. If you’re a Discord user, you’ll potentially get a DM about the NFT project. Don’t forget to ignore such DMs as they are most likely a scammer who will try to get your wallet’s seed phrase.

3. Do Background Research

After you’ve found a project that interests you, it’s important to do some background research into the people involved. You’ll want to make sure that you’re aligned with their values and goals.
What the project does, how it works, and whether you’ll enjoy being part of it. Visit the site, read the documentation, and check out the forums. If you don’t feel comfortable doing any of those things, ask someone else who does. This is one of the most important parts of finding a good NFT project.
Visit the project’s website, social handles, and community to see what others think of them. Joining a community gives you access to all sorts of information. There are lots of different ways to connect, so choose one that suits you best. This helps you determine whether you feel comfortable working alongside them.

4. Find The Right Fit

When you’re ready to start work, you need to decide if this project is going to be a good fit for you. Think about the skills you have, and what kind of work you’d prefer to do. Look for opportunities that match your strengths and interests.
You should also consider the type of relationship you want to build with the team. Some teams may be more formal than others, but you should always aim to establish a positive report with everyone you meet.
Knowing about their mission, core team, previous work, and roadmap they follow. Understanding all these factors is crucial in your research to identify their goals, skill set, and plans.

5. Buy An NFT or Not

Once you’ve found something interesting, it’s time to start buying some NFTs. There are three main ways to acquire NFTs: minting or creating, buying on a secondary market, and owing the asset directly.

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