Best Binance Signals Providers in 2022

The usage of Binance signals providers to assist traders/investors in determining profitable investments is becoming increasingly common. Most cryptocurrencies’ real value is unstable, so hunting for the right trade has become increasingly difficult.

On the other hand, trading signals may be a lucrative solution to this extremely difficult challenge if traders are prepared to take the gamble and investigate this relatively new area within the cryptocurrency community.

This post will look at the top Binance signals providers and groups on Telegram and why choosing the correct provider to follow is instrumental in determining whether or not you can generate a return.


What are Binance signals?

Binance signals are instructions sent directly to an individual usually through Telegram informing them which cryptocurrency to buy. A typical signal would contain the following information👇

  • The cryptocurrency to buy – The signal will specify which cryptocurrency that should be bought, e.g. BTC, ETH, XRP
  • The buy-in price (Entry Target) – The price you should try to buy the cryptocurrency at
  • The sell-targets (Take-Profit Targets) – The price you should try sell the cryptocurrency at in order to achieve a profit
  • Stop losses – A mechanism to automatically exit your position to mitigate losses


AltSignals is a famous provider of cryptocurrency trading signals in the market. This U.K.-based organisation has been delivering high-quality trading signals for the BitMex, Bybit, and Binance exchanges since 2017. Furthermore, it allows users who trade in the FX market to follow fiat currency signals. The company has collaborated with experts and analysts to provide the finest trading calls for crypto and FX traders. Crypto Signals

Alt Signals, Binance Signals
Alt Signals
Alt Signals, Binance Signals
Alt Signals
Alt Signals, Binance Signals
Alt Signals
Alt Signals, Binance Signals
Alt Signals
Alt Signals, Binance Signals
Alt Signals

This crypto trading signals provider offers its clients a wide range of services. AltSignals is for you, whether you are a newcomer to cryptocurrencies or an established trader looking for market confirmation on particular trades.

The company provides customers with crypto trading signals and instructional education to help them understand why the market behaves in a certain manner or moves in certain directions. This will be very beneficial for those learning how to trade and who do not want just to put trades in the market.

AltSignals offers 24/7 customer support in Telegram, allowing members to acquire all of the information they want. Furthermore, if customers have any problems with the trading signals, there will always be someone to assist them, including the company’s owner.

Given that many clients wish to make better-informed selections before beginning to follow AltSignals trading signals on Telegram, thorough reports on the trade signals offered by the company are desired.

As a result, AltSignals publishes monthly reports releasing the signals provided, revenues earned, and the accuracy of the information offered to consumers.

Furthermore, AltSignals supplies clients with an in-house algorithm indicator that provides information regarding market entry and exit levels.

  • Trading signals for BitMex, Binance, Bybit, and FX
  • Educational content about cryptocurrencies
  • Monthly reports about the signals provided
  • 24/7 support for clients
  • Algorithmic Indicator with precise information about entry and exit points
  • Trading View Algorithm Indicator for Traders
  • You have to wait for the signal as there is no exact time

Sublime Traders

Sublime traders get their signals algorithmically and manually examine them whenever they receive an alert. Sublime Traders convinced us with their strong risk-reward strategy. With a precise risk management procedure taught to all traders and a general good risk-reward ratio (minimum 1.7:1), Sublime manages to maintain every single performance month positive. This is also owing to their distinct breakout trading style. For this reason alone, we give this signal provider maximum points. The group’s principal purpose is to conserve and expand capital.

Sublime Signals
Sublime Signals
Sublime Signals, Binance Signals
Sublime Signals
Sublime Signals, Binance Signals
Sublime Signals

This is the most important consideration for all traders. If you had access to their services for approximately a month and had followed their signals. You will find the performance and precision are more than positive, and the returns for the month would be above 300 percent for the trades you took.

This is an area in which Sublime Traders excels. They provide trading education in the form of pdf files, blog posts, videos on their YouTube channel, and live trading streams. This may appear general, but if you look at the streams, you will notice that you learn something new each time.

Traders may use a telegram trading bot called Cornix to automate the signals they get on the Sublime Traders Futures and Spot channels. This third-party integration will allow newcomers to trading easily even when they are not present.

  • Month on month updated results
  • Nice customer support
  • Discord Trading Community
  • Manual and Automated Signals
  • Versatile strategies
  • NFT calls and whitelist
  • Nice learning and education material
  • High price

Binance Killers

Binance Killers has long been considered one of the greatest places to stop for altcoin and general cryptocurrency trading signals. This signal provider, which began operations in December 2020, is working hard and delivering consistent results in terms of general performance and accuracy. Binance Killers, like many of the providers, makes the place in the top list and provides more simple signals; they also give education and excellent support. The signals are accurate, clear, and well-organized. We also value their cautious approach to risk. Trading with Binance Killers may be an extremely positive experience.

Binance Killers, Binance Signals
Binance Killers
Binance Killers, Binance Signals
Binance Killers

The trading style is heavily skewed toward midterm and long-term signals, which is, in our opinion, the best way to earn in crypto. Scalping thrill-seekers can also discover some scalping calls, albeit they are considerably rear. The maximum leverage they utilise on the channel for trading is 5X, demonstrating yet again that they understand the hazards of cryptocurrency and care for their members.

At the group of this update, the Binance Killers crypto community had over 200 VIP members and more than 33k premium members. Despite the fact that they were founded less than a year ago, the community is steadily expanding.

The Binance Killers group currently only accepts cryptocurrency, mostly BTC, with other crypto payment alternatives available directly to the admins.

You will pay 0.008 BTC for a one-month membership (full list on the top of the page). This, in our opinion, is a downside of this trading group because it limits its user base to persons who can afford such a subscription in the first place.

However, pricing drops exponentially for committed members, and we found that lifetime memberships are the best deals with Binance Killers.

Education is an extremely important aspect addressed by the Binance Killers group. Joining our Telegram crypto channel will provide you with not just quality signals but also market updates and education.

In 2021, many individuals have flooded the markets, and the majority of them have no idea how to trade at all. That is where Binance Killers comes in, with an immense collection of educational resources and high-quality cryptocurrency trading signals. Traders can also raise questions directly to the administration, who are always glad to help. The true value of this group is in their overall service.

Tenor Pricing
1 Month 0.008BTC
3 Months 0.01BTC
1 Year 0.02BTC
Lifetime 0.025BTC
  • Market Analysis
  • Up to 5x Leverage Trading
  • Midterm, Long-term, and some scalping Trading Style
  • English, Spanish, and Russian Supported Languages
  • Integrated Cornix telegram bot
  • Accepts payments in BTC only

Fed Russian Insiders

Fed. Russian Insiders is a cryptocurrency trading signal group that operates exclusively on Telegram. The team is made up of three mature and seasoned traders who come from traditional markets and have high experience in stocks, indexes, and commodities markets. They bring a wealth of experience to the cryptocurrency industry, benefiting both new and experienced traders. The complete Fed Russian Insiders review is available here.

Fed Russian Insiders, Binance Signals
Fed Russian Insiders
Fed Russian Insiders, Binance Signals
Fed Russian Insiders

Because of the present market environment, many bogus cryptocurrency traders and groups are attempting to defraud consumers of their hard-earned money. We take the time to evaluate and verify each crypto provider on our site, and we can ensure that Fed. Russian Insiders is not a scam; our website recognizes the provider as approved(yet we never give you financial advice to invest with this signal provider). We investigated the team’s history, reaction time, and, most significantly, the quality of the cryptocurrency trading signals.

The support for this crypto signals telegram group is excellent, with admin answers that average about one hour. The Binance Killers group currently only accepts cryptocurrency, mostly BTC, with other crypto payment alternatives available directly with the moderators.

If you wish to subscribe for one month, you will have to spend 0.015BTC, which is definitely on the high side of signal provider pricing. However, as we constantly say, if the Telegram Crypto Group is truly valuable, pricing should not be an issue. We only need to be in the black by the end of the month or a trimester if the trends don’t help.

Fed Russian insiders will also provide you with access to a wealth of material and daily analyses. The trading learning material is general and outdated with the present market environment, which we think is a point. However, the daily analysis is accurate and detailed.

Tenor Pricing
1 Month 0.015BTC
3 Months 0.02BTC
1 Year 0.0375BTC
Lifetime 0.0375BTC
  • Midterm and long-term trading style
  • Cornix automation available
  • Leveraged trading up to 5x and 10X for some pairs
  • Education material for traders
  • Trading analysis
  • Receives payment only in BTC
  • Learning material is not up to the industry standards

MYC Signals

MYC Signals claims to be an industry service, providing a wide range of services. This company’s traders are focused on creating consistent and passive revenue. In addition to trade notifications, the firm provides significant education and training for new traders. We couldn’t locate any information about the firm, such as its establishment year, address, phone number, and so on. So, in this regard, this provider is not as reliable as other top-notch signal providers. We feel this is an untrustworthy firm due to the lack of vendor openness.

MYC Signals, Binance Signals
MYC Signals
MYC Signals, Binance Signals
MYC Signals
MYC Signals, Binance Signals
MYC Signals
MYC Signals, Binance Signals
MYC Signals
MYC Signals, Binance Signals
MYC Signals

To access the services, you must first select one of the premium packages and pay with either fiat money or cryptocurrency. You will get trade alerts once you have completed the payment, which you may follow manually or automatically. The vendor claims better trading and higher profits with the trading tips and alerts.

According to the vendor, any exchange may be used with the service except for BTC Futures, which requires the usage of a Futures exchange. The signals may be tracked automatically using exchanges such as Bybit, BitMex, and a few others. Bittrex and Kucoin are two of the four compatible exchanges for spot signals. The vendor recommends Binance, particularly for spot trading of BTC and Altcoin combinations.

Pricing plans are determined by the level of risk you are willing to accept and the trading approach you desire. For one month, the BTC-Only spot costs $60. It contains features such as swing trading on long positions with no leverage and a maximum of two signals each week.

The fee for one month of signals covering Altcoins and BTC is $120. Swing trading, in addition to non-leveraged long positions and up to 5 signals per week, is included. The $150 per Month BTC Futures plan is designed for expert and intermediate traders and includes features such as day trading, up to 125x leverage, and a maximum of 5 long- and short-term signals.

  • Generation of 50 to 70 trading signals monthly
  • A full-time 24/7 customer support
  • Consistent results provided by the real trading team, which has more than four years of experience, having been in the field since 2017
  • Fully automated trading
  • Three different products to choose from according to your style of trading
  • When compared to other competitor sites, the pricing is expensive
  • No proven track record
  • Not deal in BTC futures

Mega Crypto World

Produces high-quality charts that validate each provided signal and only provide signals for Binance. It offers an approximate post rate of 0-3 signals each week. Mega Crypto World is a well-known brand and one of the biggest providers of Binance signals and other signals in general. Unlike other groups, they do a fantastic job of avoiding over-trading and only issuing signals when a good chance presents itself.

Mega Crypto World
Mega Crypto World
Mega Crypto World
Mega Crypto World

However, some of their signals do not include stop losses; therefore, don’t be shocked if a signal does not show the take-profit objective being met until 5 months later. This practice of not employing a stop loss is not something we would suggest and should be considered by an individual when determining whether or not to join this group.

Tenor Pricing
1 Month 100USD
3 Months 250USD
6 Months 450USD
One Year 800USD
Lifetime 1000USD
  • Send signals when feasible
  • Package for everyone
  • Use a variety of strategies
  • The website is not operational
  • Sometimes stop-loss missing

Bitcoin Bullets

Bitcoin Bullets has quickly become one of the most popular trading signal channels, and with good reason. Together with one of the market’s best accuracy ratings (Verified), their team’s devotion and support have distinguished them as one of the most active and profitable providers, with clear and easy-to-understand updates and trading signals.

Bitcoin Bullets, Binance Signals
Bitcoin Bullets
Bitcoin Bullets, Binance Signals
Bitcoin Bullets

Their current concentration is on leveraged and spot trading on Binance and Bybit, where the majority of their signals are implemented. They are currently delivering fewer signals each day than their competitors (1-2 per day), but more than making up for it with an accuracy rate of over 95%. Their daily analysis and market update easily outperform the overall structure of the majority of other trading channels on Telegram.

We spoke with The Sicilian, a complete member of the Bitcoin Bullets team, and we can confidently claim that this Italian trader is the most competent admin we’ve ever met. He is the one who keeps the wheels of this fantastic channel turning and is responsible for Bitcoin Bullets being the beast that it is today.

Bitcoin Bullets further distinguishes itself from the competition by providing services for all levels of skill, from “noob” to “hedge fund manager,” via a ladder approach unique in the market that provides a seamless transition from any level of knowledge all the way to the top in record time (as everything else they do).

  • High accuracy (Over 95%)
  • Short, Mid, and Long term trades
  • Team of highly professional traders, traders, and analysts.
  • Regular market analysis (for both free and VIP members)
  • Daily scalping levels (VIP)
  • News available before general outlets
  • Highly responsive customer support
  • Currently, they don’t offer support for trading software or bots, so their traders must enter each trade manually
  • No clear price information is available

Wall Street Queen Offical

Wall Street Queen, which is run by one of the most well-known and experienced female market insiders, has become a top-performing channel in less time than any other channel on our list, which is an extremely difficult thing to do. Their customer service is among the fastest and most knowledgeable in the industry, making them suitable for new and seasoned cryptocurrency traders and investors.

Wallstreet Queen, Binance Signals
Wallstreet Queen
Wallstreet Queen, Binance Signals
Wallstreet Queen

With one of the highest confirmed accuracy scores for their trades, Wall Street Queen will undoubtedly exceed the expectations of any new member. As you know, we stick by our promises, and this is no different. We spoke with Wall Street Queen’s crew and confirmed they’re legitimate and ready to teach you all you need to know about the market while earning a mint.

  • Pre-pump signals (buy before anyone else)
  • All VIP entries before anyone else
  • VIP exclusive promotions and offers
  • High potential gaining gems (at least 1 per month)
  • Permanent Trade Monitoring
  • Risk Management and Strategy Guides
  • Insider Information
  • Exclusive Content
  • 24/7 support with our team
  • No clear price information is available

Crypto Inner Circle

Because of their high-quality material and response, Crypto Inner Circle has risen up the ranking ladder faster than anticipated. Provided the accuracy level of more than 90% (currently resting on a proven historical accuracy of 92%) and some of the best traders on their team, they will undoubtedly make the most of your cryptocurrency trading.

Crypto Inner Circle, Binance Signals
Crypto Inner Circle
Crypto Inner Circle, Binance Signals
Crypto Inner Circle

We can’t promise results with any crypto signal provider, but these folks have consistently shown to be among the best in terms of trade performance and real profits.

What distinguishes Crypto Inner Circle from highly every other trading channel is that they specialise in all levels of trading experience, which means that whether you’re new to crypto trading or a seasoned pro, they’ll make sure to walk you through all of the steps necessary to succeed in this market.

  • High accuracy (Over 93%)
  • Team of highly experienced traders
  • Constant trading signals (1-2 per day)
  • Short, Mid, and Long term trades
  • Day trading scalps
  • Fast Customer Support
  • One of the highest profit potentials signal providers in the market
  • Learning Material
  • Very Active Channel
  • Charts are not as clear as we could expect for some beginner trades
  • Lower trade frequency
  • No clear price information available

Bob’s signals (Chartcrushers)

Bob’s signals have just been renamed. Chartcrushers is a cryptocurrency signals provider with what seems to be two traders on staff. Very active community that is helpful and provides solid trading analysis for the trades that are posted. Bob’s signals have been around for two years, and it appears that one trader is in the United States and the other in India. The Chartcrushers explain their services utilising the 3 C’s foundation built on coaching, capital protection, and a strong community. And we believe that this is more than just marketing; they truly have all three assets at their disposal. They do provide private or group coaching. They attempt to safeguard capital wherever feasible and have a supportive community. This is a positive indicator for the group. ChartCrushers certainly earns its spot among our top contenders because of the quality of the service, the customer support, communication, all those things that we are looking for in a service that we pay with our hard-earned money. Great overall experience.

Bob's signals (Chartcrushers), Binance Signals
Bob’s signals (Chartcrushers)
Bob's signals (Chartcrushers), Binance Signals
Bob’s signals (Chartcrushers)
Bob's signals (Chartcrushers), Binance Signals
Bob’s signals (Chartcrushers)
Package Pricing
Standard Package 100USD
3 Month 275USD
6 Months 500USD
12 Months 800USD
Lifetime 1500USD
  • Based in U.S and India
  • Mid and Long Trading Style
  • Cornix Telegram Bot integrated
  • Up to 30x leverage
  • Less than 20 mins response time
  • Provides Education
  • The website is down for the time being

4C Trading

4C Trading Signals has an amazing staff of 7 employees who ensure that the service runs effectively. We were amazed by the quality of this startup’s service, website, and support. The team is based in Belgium and provides Binance signals as well as in-house-built bots. Everything is done mostly through their online dashboard and Telegram. Let’s go over the specifics.

4C Trading, Binance Signals
4C Trading
4C Trading, Binance Signals
4C Trading
4C Trading, Binance Signals
4C Trading
4C Trading, Binance Signals
4C Trading

We enjoy how the 4C Trading team has put in a lot of work to build the online platform and trading bot, which provide a lot of value to the Binance signals trading service. We can clearly tell that this service was not built overnight and that a great lot of effort has gone into it. They offer a comprehensive dashboard that allows users to connect their cryptocurrency wallet and trading account so that orders may be executed using 4C’s bots. The dashboard also includes information on trading signals, and it is all linked to Telegram.

  • Mid and Long trading style
  • Proprietary trading bot
  • Allows leveraged trading
  • Video and streams educational services
  • Costly

Crypto Classics

Crypto Classics is a group provider comprised of merchants with over 15 years of trading experience. Furthermore, they give profitable encryption crypto signals in Telegram and trust management, making them an excellent choice for any trader.

Crypto Classic, Binance Signals
Crypto Classic
Crypto Classic, Binance Signals
Crypto Classic

This broker has received a lot of notoriety for specialised in crypto trading community of finance signals. Thus each provider will provide you with signal analysis. Their exploits began with work on the New York Stock Exchange, and they sought to expand their horizons by working directly with the general population.

This signal provider is in charge of delivering signals to persons who want to fully immerse themselves in crypto. The signals are useful because fluctuations and volatility are typical features of the market.

It is an advantage when you can purchase a currency at a low point in the market. Crypto classics’ signals are aimed toward persons interested in trading bitcoin, Binance, and various other altcoins.

This fantastic team of providers puts a lot of effort into their signals and work, so everyone prefers to work with Crypto Classics.

Crypto Classic Packages

  • The monthly subscription is priced at $75 USD. This will provide you with an estimate of 10 weekly signals and technical and fundamental analysis.
  • In the other instance, we have a 3-month subscription for 225 USD. You’ll get the same number of signals as before, plus customised attention and fundamental and technical analysis.
  • For the subscription year, you will receive the same benefits as described above and a substantial discount when you pay only 700 USD. Personalized customer service, including stop-loss analysis for each signal received.
  • Customer service 24 hours a day and in different languages
  • Friendly and responsible team
  • Transparent company regarding your daily payments and movement
  • Low prices accompanied by excellent quality
  • Accuracy of up to 80% in the signals they distribute
  • A good number of weekly signals, enough to make good trades with excellent benefits
  • Simple and easy to use platform for both pro traders and beginners
  • The telegram group is not active

How to Find the Best Binance Signal Provider

In crypto trading, you cannot simply look at the trend now and assume it will be profitable in the future. This is why it is critical to follow trustworthy trading signals from telegram crypto signal providers.

To locate the greatest trading signals, it is important to approach it as an investment. Because thinking of cryptocurrency trading as a method to make quick money or get rich is a recipe for disaster. To make it in crypto trading, or rather before you get a subscription for trading signals, there are precise procedures that you must do.

Develop a List

The first step is to compile a list of the best Binance Signals  providers. You may accomplish this with the assistance of Google, where you can find crypto signal reviews and customer feedback. It is always necessary to engage with experienced providers who understand and are familiar with the crypto market’s workings.

You will come across numerous negative reviews concerning several providers who advertise themselves as top Binance futures providers in your Google search. However, the strategy is to approach the review logically rather than emotionally. As a result, it is important to determine whether the signal provider is labelled as “trusted.”

But you don’t have to stress about the necessity to search any anymore because you’re already here. You may utilise signals, which will offer you some of the most trusted and reliable signals.

Pricing Model

When looking for reliable trading signals, avoid providers who promise to offer “lifetime subscription-only” services and those whose offer costs are too low or too high. A decent binance signals provider will present you with a variety of subscription choices, most of which are bundled in months (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly). The typical price of the top signal provider is $70-$100 per month, with most offering discounts if you subscribe annually.

Communication and Customer Support

The greatest signal providers have the best customer support staff. Communication is essential in any serious business, and if they don’t appear to take it seriously, it’s time to stop taking them seriously as well.

When communicating with a representative from a signal provider, it is your responsibility to read between the lines to determine whether or not their communication is professional. If the representative cannot communicate professionally, you should rethink using them as your signal provider. Support and communication from providers must be professional.

Signal provider’s activities

A provider of Binance trading signals whose actions are erratic or do not appear consistent cannot be trusted. One of the finest characteristics of our listed providers is that they are always constant in their actions, even when the crypto market fluctuates. Prices become uncertain throughout the market fluctuation time, and a competent provider should advise you.

The Results of the Channels

The channel result is an important indicator of a good or accurate signal provider. Almost all signal providers share their results or outcomes with their followers. However, be wary of providers that only share positive results and never release any negative results.

The reality is that no one can be perfect at forecasting the future, and we frequently focus on probabilities. So, if a signal provider is consistently producing 100 percent positive results, run before you are scammed.

You will also encounter mini-reviews from other users, which can assist you in making judgments.

Finally, be wary if you notice a signal provider actively engaging in a lot of cross-marketing. Spamming other channels or bots with ads is reason enough to doubt the authenticity of the telegram crypto signals provider.

What we look for in Binance Telegram Crypto Signal Providers


Trading your crypto and utilising trading signals is an excellent approach to improve the tactics you employ as a trader. Trading signals foretell how the crypto will act in the future, giving a trader a better notion of when to enter the market or place a deal. Traders may have been following a broad range of crypto trading signals in recent years, and as a result, the market has seen a growth in the number of crypto trading signals providers.

However, not all crypto trading signals provide users with clear signals or information to join or leave certain trade positions. AltSignals are crypto trading signals that offer real-time signals of the need to initiate or quit a deal. The platform also provides technical analysis as well as instructional information for crypto traders of all levels on a regular basis. Binance signals from AltSignals provide precise information that allows you to take a position immediately.

The AltSignals team presents their technical analysis on markets and how the market will react in the future days, weeks, and months. The trading signals are distinct enough that if the market has a quick spike or dip, they will provide insight into the events or circumstances that triggered the phenomena.

AltSignals has developed an indicator that is ideal for premium users who wish to receive instant trading signals. The finest crypto signal provider would provide a chart indicator indicating the optimal time to sell or purchase a certain digital asset.


The capacity to deliver several signals is one of the most important signals of a successful trading signal provider. Multiple signals assist you in making informed selections.

Given that AltSignals will deliver extremely accurate results of the rated providers on trading platforms such as Binance, it is worth noting that leveraged trading is dangerous, and users should exercise caution while utilising tools.

However, no crypto signal provider can guarantee signal frequency since it is dependent on the market and the risk they are prepared to take on their trades. As a result, signal frequency is a measure that you, as a potential client, should take with a grain of salt. A signal provider who posts too many daily trades on Binance futures or spot can also indicate that the analyst is taking too much risk in order to provide quantity rather than quality.

The ideal technique is to always trade with caution and a suitable risk management strategy, which you can examine using the various signals.

AltSignals and their Binance Futures trading signals are important for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Provides trading for several exchanges
  • Good accuracy
  • Provides signals with leverage, margin, and spot
  • Offer some kind of scalping service
  • Great customer support

Risk Management

Some of the most well-known signal providers on the internet did not make the top ten list due to improper risk management. The secret to becoming a successful trader is good risk management. The ability to pick precise entry and exit points are not required for good risk management, but rather an understanding of risk and risk management.

You will master the art of risk management when trading futures shares using AltSignals. The platform exposes traders to market price risk. Risk management is sometimes overlooked or misunderstood in trading while being a critical component of the trading strategy. Take notice that even a basic trading strategy like a moving average crossover system can derail an entire trading strategy if effective risk management is not implemented. AltSignals offers you the correct signals to assist you to minimise risks as a trader while establishing a trading plan. AltSignals trading signals can assist you in laying the groundwork for any trading plan you devise.

Binance signals may also be utilised to create a money management plan and, as a result, increase your trader discipline. Evidence suggests that many traders do not hesitate to initiate a trade, but the majority of rookie traders have little notion of their next move and when it will occur. A trading plan will teach you the skill of discipline, allowing you to avoid the usual mistake of rookie traders in using emotions (such as fear, greed, and anxiety) when making a trade move. When emotions take control, you are more likely to make decisions that are damaging to your success.

With AltSignals, learning the notion of risk control is simple because every trader is drawn to futures because of the leverage it gives. In other words, when you follow our trading signals, you have a good chance of winning large even if you just put in a small amount of investment.

Helping for Beginners

If you’re new to cryptocurrency trading, you’ll need a platform that provides real-time future trading signals while being easy and efficient to use. Our in-depth tutorial will teach you how futures trading works.

You discover that the depth of market and liquidity seen during volatile periods may transform volatile market conditions into the best time to trade futures.

However, with Binance trading signals from AltSignals, you will realise that there are additional times to trade futures. Our platform teaches you how futures trading works and provides you with the opportunity to understand trading dynamics.

The material presented here digs into the intricacies of futures trading, and by the end, you should be able to make futures trading work for you.


Trading signals are only as important as trading itself. Wrong signals are likely to result in higher losses, emphasising the need to look for appropriate signals.

However, successful trading necessitates gaining some amount of experience, which every novice trader lacks. When you’re just starting out in crypto trading, getting free crypto signals, such as Binance signals, is the best way to learn the ropes.

AltSignals offers top Binance signals that are not only accurate but also reliable.

Spot Vs. Leveraged Trading in Binance Signals

Now that you have a comprehensive list of all the top crypto Binance signals groups on Telegram, it’s also important to understand that Binance supports two forms of trading – spot trading and leverage trading.

Each has pros and cons, and it is important to ask a channel manager which type they support when wanting to join a Binance trading signal group. I’ll offer a quick description of both and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Spot Trading

Spot trading in Bitcoin is defined as purchasing and quickly delivering the asset itself. When most individuals say they want to acquire Bitcoin, they’re talking about spot trading. It is the most often used method of gaining exposure to the asset class. Consider the following example: Alice creates a Coinbase account and desires to purchase Bitcoin with $1000 of her own money. Provided the current trading price of $10,000 for one Bitcoin, Alice’s $1000 buys her exactly 0.1 BTC.

The price of Bitcoin has risen to $11,000, making Alice’s 0.1 BTC now worth $1100. She chooses to sell her bitcoin via her Coinbase account, earning a handsome $100 profit. Spot trading is the process of purchasing a cryptocurrency via a fiat gateway such as Coinbase. It is the most common sort of trading that beginning investors would engage in, and it is less dangerous than leveraged trading.

A vital point to remember about spot trading is that you can only wager that the price of the cryptocurrency you’ve acquired will rise; this is also known as going long. At the same time, leverage trading allows you to wager on whether the price of an asset will rise or fall (going short). Normally, this may not be a concern for most investors, but when Bitcoin enters periods of decline, often known as bear markets, only being able to take long positions makes it a difficult asset to trade.

Leveraged Trading

Leveraged trading is the opposite of spot trading in that you purchase and sell a representation of Bitcoin in the form of a futures contract, specifically a perpetual contract, rather than actually purchasing and selling Bitcoin.

Perpetual contracts are a form of a futures contract in the sense that they are simply an agreement to purchase or sell a cryptocurrency at a fixed price at a future date. Perpetual contracts are distinguished by the fact that they do not have an expiry date and may thus be retained indefinitely.

The important point to remember here is that when you buy and sell contracts on Binance, you are not buying and selling bitcoin itself, but rather a representation of it in the form of a contract.

There are a few advantages to being able to leverage trade, but the most important ones to remember are the ability to go short and the ability to employ leverage.

I’ll go through the differences between being able to go long and short and using leverage.

Going Long and Short in Binance Trading Signals

Going long is the practice of speculating that the price of a cryptocurrency will rise, as opposed to going short, which is the process of speculating that the price of a cryptocurrency will fall.

The yearning process may be summarised as follows: making a cryptocurrency at a given price, watching the price of the cryptocurrency rise, then selling the cryptocurrency at its new higher price and profiting.

For example, suppose the price of Bitcoin is now trading at $10,000, and you decide to buy 1 BTC; this makes your buying price $10,000. Now, if the price of Bitcoin rises to $11,000 and you sell, you will increase a 10% return, netting a $1,000 profit minus any trading expenses. This is known as going long on a cryptocurrency, and it is the primary way in which many beginning traders invest.

This is in contrast to the process of selling cryptocurrency, which may be summarised as follows:

Borrowing a cryptocurrency from a willing lender and immediately selling it at market price, its price falls; the cryptocurrency is then repurchased at a cheaper cost and returned to the borrower. For example, Bob borrows 1 BTC from Amy and immediately sells it at the market price of $10,000. The price of 1 BTC then decreases to $8,000, at which point Bob purchases the 1 BTC and returns it to Amy. Bob has made a $2,000 profit after deducting any trading expenses.

Leverage is a tactic that most expert investors will employ in order to increase the returns that they may accomplish with their trades. Using this technique can be extremely profitable, but it can also lead to disaster if not handled correctly.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, trading signals are a lucrative technique for producing profits in what has recently been a difficult investing atmosphere for crypto. Signal providers often release signals related to a single cryptocurrency exchange, such as Binance, BitMex, or Bittrex. This article examines the top ten Binance trading signal groups on Telegram. Join their Telegram channels to explore more about these providers and their accurate pricing.

It is also important to understand the major differences between spot and leveraged trading and the ideas that go with them, such as leverage, going long or short, and so on. You should only join a signal group that performs proper risk management since the results of doing so wrong may be severe. As a trader, it is up to you to establish the proper balance of risk and return, but it is surely possible.

If done correctly, the investor has a good chance of making attractive financial gains consistently. We hope that this post has left you more informed on the best Binance signal groups in the cryptocurrency market and the important trading ideas that come with trading such a volatile asset as Bitcoin.

Leon O'Neill

I’ve been working in the trading industry since 2009. I’ve written more words on trading than I can remember, and have provided content for some of the biggest names in the business. When I’m not writing, I enjoy running and making my own trades. I’m interested in the crypto and meta space - where blockchain is intersecting with traditional finance, and digital currencies are starting to impact global markets.
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