Best Crypto Apps to Use in 2022

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Most people think of cryptocurrency trading as a means to generate passive income. Others see it as an alternative investment to more traditional kinds of investment. Given the popularity of cryptocurrency, the number of speculative crypto traders is growing by the day.

The majority of cryptocurrency traders use crypto apps, although desktop apps are also popular among advanced crypto traders. Individuals, groups, and established funds, companies, and institutions may participate in crypto trading. It is a professional undertaking worth considering.

The best crypto apps allow users to deposit fiat instantly and at low fees, deposit fiat in a variety of payment methods, trade crypto for free or at a low fee, and withdraw crypto for free or at a low fee. The best crypto apps or exchanges also allow users to invest in additional ways, such as mining, staking, and integrated custody for institutions. Good apps also allow traders to track prices in real time, establish real-time alerts, and do advanced charting to aid trading decisions and increase profitability.



Bitstamp has been established almost as long as crypto itself. The company was established in 2011 and is presently based in Luxembourg. It presently has a worldwide staff of over 400 employees. Bitstamp is available in over 100 countries. Specific users who are citizens of certain countries may fund their accounts with a credit or debit card. Users in the United States may also fund their accounts using ACH deposits, bitcoin, or another cryptocurrency.

Bitstamp, best crypto apps,
Bitstamp, best crypto apps,

Bitstamp may appeal to beginners who wish to try a smaller exchange rather than the more well-known options. Bitstamp may appeal to those who like to stick to the largest coins since the exchange offers fewer options than other competitors. Bitstamp is unlikely to appeal to advanced traders for a variety of reasons. In comparison to various competitors, the exchange:

  • Relatively few trading orders, although several of the most common ones are offered
  • A smaller selection of cryptocurrencies
  • Higher fees

While Bitstamp may not offer the largest selection of coins, it does contain several of the largest and most popular cryptos. Below are some of the cryptocurrencies that may be traded on Bitstamp:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP) – Not available in the US.
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • OMG Network (OMG)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Algorand (ALGO)
  • Polygon (MATIC)

The minimum position size at Bitstamp is simply $10 for USD-denominated assets and 0.0002 BTC for BTC-denominated assets. In terms of security, Bitstamp stores 98 percent of assets in cold storage and encrypts personal data — ensuring you can trade securely. However, Bitstamp truly excels when it comes to the platform’s mobile app, which is accessible on iOS and Android.

This app provides a selection of advanced order types and analytical tools, which will appeal to experienced traders. Bitstamp’s app also offers biometric authentication to boost security and real-time charts and order book information. Above all, the Bitstamp app enables users to transmit crypto instantly — providing much of the same functionality as a crypto wallet.

Bitstamp Pros

  • 50+ coins to trade
  • Biometric authentication on app
  • 5% fee on Bitcoin
  • Real-time price alerts


Tel Aviv-based eToro was established in 2007 by co-founders David Ring, Ronen Assia, and Yoni Assia. Originally operating under the name RetailFX as an online forex broker, the company eventually changed its name to eToro and began offering indices, commodities, and stocks.

eToro, best crypto apps
eToro, best crypto apps

In the year 2010, it also launched its innovative social trading function that enables users to copy the trades of top traders on the platform, establishing itself as the world’s leading social trading network.

In 2014, eToro added support for BTC, allowing users to trade CFDs (to non-U.S. users) on the world’s leading digital currency. Four years later, ETH and XRP became available on the platform, and additional digital assets were added in the following years. In 2018, eToro dived into the cryptocurrency industry with the launch of crypto wallet and eToroX.

Today, eToro is seeking to establish itself in the extremely competitive crypto exchange market by continuously upgrading its crypto trading services. eToro and eToroX support the trading of more than 40 cryptocurrencies.

Here’s a look at some of the most famous crypto assets on eToro:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • Solana (SOL)
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM)

The eToro app has a $10 minimum crypto trade requirement. EToro is also popular for its passive investment tools. This includes a copy trading feature that allows you to mirror a seasoned day trader’s crypto investments. You can also invest in a well-managed diversified portfolio of cryptos managed by the eToro team. In terms of usability, the eToro crypto app really stands.

The app is user-friendly and requires no prior investment experience. Furthermore, the app has been fully optimised for both iOS and Android devices. Another point of the eToro app is that it supports other asset classes. You can access thousands of US and foreign stocks in addition to forex, commodities, indices, and ETFs. Finally, if you like eToro, you can get started on the app in less than five minutes from start to finish.

eToro Pros

  • 50+ Cryptos to Trade
  • No transaction fees
  • 75% to buy Bitcoin
  • $10 minimum deposit
  • Free crypto wallet app
  • Regulated by the FCA, ASIC, CySEC, FinCEN, and FINRA


Aqru provides a crypto savings account service that allows you to earn interest on your idle digital currencies. You just have to register an account with the provider and deposit the tokens on which you want to earn interest. Aqru supports Ethereum and Bitcoin for this purpose, both of which attract a 7% APY.

Aqru, best crypto apps
Aqru, best crypto apps

You can also deposit stablecoins such as Tether, USD Coin, and DAI into Aqru. Stablecoins not only reduce volatility risk, but Aqru will pay you a very competitive APY of 12%. Aqru, unlike other crypto interest accounts in this space, does not require you to lock your digital currency tokens away.

On the contrary, all of its supported savings accounts are flexible. And as such, this ensures that you may make a withdrawal from your Aqru account and back into your private wallet at any given moment. Aqru is also popular with investors who desire high APYs on their fiat currency savings.

This is because Aqru enables you to deposit USD, EUR, or GBP using a debit/credit card or with a bank wire. Then, you may convert your fiat currency deposit into one of its five supported digital tokens to start earning interest. As this Aqru review covers in more detail shortly, no fees are taken from the APYs that you are offered on the platform.

You don’t have to worry about fluctuating exchange rates when you choose stablecoins and other volatile digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Another reason we appreciate the Aqru crypto app is because the provider accepts fiat deposits in GBP and EUR. This implies you can still take advantage of its appealing crypto savings accounts even if you don’t currently own any digital tokens.

In terms of usability, the Aqru mobile app – which is free to download from Google Play or the App Store – is ideal for beginners. There is no need to have any technical knowledge of how digital currencies function since the app will walk you through the process of earning interest step by step. Finally, being a subsidiary of Accru Finance Ltd. (UK), this top-rated crypto app is required to comply with KYC regulations, which means that all customers are verified.

Aqru Pros

  • 5 Cryptocurrencies to Trade
  • Zero Fee
  • No Fee form Aqru
  • Miniumum deposit $100 Only
  • Earn up to 12% interest on crypto deposits
  • Can buy BTC, ETH, DAI, USDT, and USDC
  • No lock-up period

It was founded in 2016 in Hong Kong. However, the company has subsequently relocated. Millions of people use the app all across the world. Users may access from anywhere in the United States, with the exception of New York. According to the company’s website, it intends to take the necessary measures to provide services in New York and will give updates as things change., best crypto apps, best crypto apps, best crypto apps

The exchange is currently the 9th largest crypto exchange by daily trading volume. It supports over 250 different cryptocurrencies as well as more than 20 different fiat currencies. is appropriate for traders of all levels of expertise.

Users may view many Favorite coins as well as their current prices updated in real-time on the app’s home page. A list of Top Gainers has fared well recently beneath these four coins. The bottom of the main page displays the most current crypto news. There are four choices at the bottom of the screen: Home, Accounts, Track, and Card.

  • The home screen displays your portfolio balance, top gainers, crypto news, and the option to transfer funds or withdraw crypto.
  • The accounts page displays the balances of your crypto wallet, fiat wallet, and crypto earn.
  • The tracking page displays the top four favourite coins according to and any coins submitted by users to their personal favourites list (add a coin to your favourites by tapping the star icon in the top-right when viewing that cryptocurrency).
  • Users may sign up for a card on the card page.

There is also a symbol depicting the logo in addition to these four. This is where you can check your crypto and fiat wallets, buy cryptocurrency, and use the “Earn” feature.

You can purchase cryptocurrency using a credit or debit card by going to the Home or Track page and choosing your desired cryptocurrency. Then, tap the blue Buy bar at the bottom of the screen. You’ll have the option to pay using a credit card, your crypto wallet, or your fiat wallet at this point. To add a card, go to the bottom of the screen and select “Add credit or debit card.”

Another option for purchasing crypto is to buy a bank transfer using your fiat wallet. This requires the linking of a bank account. Of course, if you already have crypto somewhere, you may send it to your account. This way of funding does not require the use of a bank account or a debit/credit card.

When you place a buy order and then cash out as a market taker, you will be charged 0.40 percent. For every $1,000 traded, this works out to only $4. Lower commissions are also available if you often trade on the app. Using the app, you may also deposit your idle digital assets into a savings account using the app. You will be compensated with an interest rate that is determined by both the token and the lock-up period. is the creator of CRO, one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies. When you are depositing funds into your savings account, you may utilise this token to lower trading commissions and increase yields.’s user-friendly interface is another reason why we enjoy it. As a result, you don’t need any trading experience to use the app to buy or sell digital currencies. Pros

  • 250+ Cryptos to Trade
  • $20 for ACH transfers; $5,000 for wire transfers
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Can reduce maker/taker fees by paying in CRO


Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam founded Coinbase in 2012 as a secure method for crypto enthusiasts to buy Bitcoin. It is one of the world’s top exchanges and the leading crypto exchange in the United States. Coinbase is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, and is currently available in 49 states (not available in Hawaii).

Coinbase has over 73 million verified users and operates in over 100 countries across the world. Coinbase’s platform also hosts approximately $255 billion in assets. They frequently introduce new cryptocurrencies as well.

Coinbase, best crypto apps
Coinbase, best crypto apps
Coinbase, best crypto apps

Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are the two trading platforms offered by Coinbase. The basic Coinbase platform is ideal for those who are just getting started with bitcoin investing. It provides educational videos as well as user-friendly mobile software to assist users in buying, selling, and trading crypto. With advanced charting, additional order types, and lower trading fees, Coinbase Pro is better suited for advanced traders.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating the company that produced XRP, and Coinbase does not currently support it (SEC). It also opposes competition for exchange coins like Binance Coin (BNB) and FTX (FTT).

If you can wait 1-3 working days for your cryptocurrency investment to go through, you may save 1.49 percent by utilising ACH. With the exception of BNB and XRP, most of the top-25 digital tokens in terms of market capitalization are supported via the Coinbase app. A good range of ERC-20 tokens and even DeFi (decentralised finance) coins may be found on dozens of additional markets.

You will benefit access to a range of security tools by downloading the Coinbase crypto app on your phone. You are forced to enter your chosen PIN and will also be asked to pass two-factor authentication through a code provided to your phone via SMS. Coinbase’s platform also includes cold storage, which is a crucial safeguard. 98% of client funds are kept offline. Finally, Coinbase enables you to freeze withdrawal requests for up to 48 hours for further security.

Coinbase Pros

  • 100+ Tradable Cryptos
  • Beginner-friendly mobile app
  • Can purchase crypto using PayPal
  • Free Coinbase Wallet app
  • Keeps majority of customer holdings in cold storage

Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange with over 180 countries covered. Changpeng Zhao, often known as CZ, founded the company in 2017. CZ held an initial coin offering (ICO) for Binance Coin (BNB), which would go on to become the world’s most popular exchange token, before launching the Binance exchange. After raising $15 million, BNB debuted on June 24, 2017, with the Binance exchange opening 11 days later. BNB is now the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Binance, best crypto apps
Binance, best crypto apps
Binance, best crypto apps

Binance began operations in China before moving to Japan, when the Chinese government banned cryptocurrency trading. Binance’s holding company is now based in the Cayman Islands, and the company says it plans to have offices in a number of countries, including Ireland.

Many fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto, and stablecoin-to-crypto trading pairs are available on Binance. The top five most popular coins to trade on Binance at the time of writing were:

Binance Coin (BNB) (BNB)

Terra is a fictional character that appears in the movie (LUNA)

  • Cardano is a cryptocurrency (ADA)
  • Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (BTC)
  • Ethereum is a cryptocurrency (ETH)

Furthermore, Binance supports over 400 cryptocurrencies, including:

  • Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency (DOGE)
  • 0x Solana (SOL) (ZRX)
  • The graph (GRT)
  • Enjin is a Japanese word that means “enjoyment (ENJ)
  • Ravencoin is a cryptocurrency (RVN)
  • Links in a chain (LINK)
  • Vechain is a cryptocurrency (VET)

The exchange also supports a variety of trading pairs, including:

  • Crypto-to-dollar pairs
  • Pairs of crypto-to-crypto
  • Crypto-to-stablecoin pairs

Bitcoin, for example, is a single cryptocurrency that may be traded as BTC/USD (Bitcoin and US dollars), BTC/USDT, or BTC/BUSD (Bitcoin and the Tether or Binance USD stablecoins).

Similarly, many of the lower market cap coins have crypto-to-crypto trading pairs against a handful of the larger market cap coins. For example, trading pairs exist for Bitcoin (BTC), Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Binance Coin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), Chainlink (LINK), Litecoin (LTC), Uniswap (UNI), VeChain (VET), and Tezos (XTZ).

Your location will determine your ability to use the Binance app. Americans, for instance, must utilise the app’s dedicated US version. Nonetheless, you may fund your newly created Binance account using a debit or credit card after uploading some identification. When using Visa or MasterCard, US customers pay 4.5 percent plus a 0.5 percent buy order fee. There are no fees for ACH and domestic bank wire transfers. However, transaction times might take up to three days.

Binance Pros

  • 500+ Cryptocurrencies
  • No minimum deposit threshold
  • Wide range of markets
  • Low Trading Fee
  • Wide Charting Options


Blockfolio is a cryptocurrency tracking app that was launched in 2014. It was one of the first of its type, and it has made cryptocurrency fans’ lives a lot easier all around the globe.

Blockfolio, best crypto apps
Blockfolio, best crypto apps

Blockfolio is the oldest crypto portfolio tracker on the market, with one of the most comprehensive feature sets of any app of its kind. The crypto tracker, maybe most actually, allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency with no fees from inside the app. Following Blockfolio’s acquisition by FTX, this feature became available. While many other crypto portfolio trackers allow users to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges from inside the app, Blockfolio and FTX’s integration is the tightest of its kind, allowing for absurdly low fees.

Even if you don’t want to trade via the Blockfolio app, there’s no better way to see your entire crypto portfolio. With over 10,000 crypto assets and 500 crypto exchanges supported, you can almost ensure that you’ll be able to track every single small niche crypto token you’re holding in the hopes of it going to the moon in the near future. Integrations with exchanges are especially important since they let you automate the process of gathering all of your cryptocurrency assets in one place. You would have to manually enter every trade onto your phone with some of the other crypto portfolio trackers.

Blockfolio also has an impressive news feed. Blockfolio provides a considerable level of customization in this section of the app and provides a default feed of all of the top cryptocurrency news. Indeed, by limiting the news that you consume to a few important cryptocurrencies that you’d want to watch, you can pull a lot more of the relevant signal out of all of the noise in the crypto space. Blockfolio Signal is closely associated with the app’s news feature. This enables cryptocurrency developers to communicate directly with their token holders and users, which is particularly useful given the fact that Blockfolio has over 6 million users. Of course, keep in mind that you’re unlikely to hear any important news regarding a token from the cryptocurrency’s creators, so look for more important news sources.

Last but not least, you can integrate pricing updates and Blockfolio Signal notifications directly into your Slack groups using Blockfolio. Blockfolio makes it particular to happen notifications from a coin’s development team to a Slack channel or to have anybody readily bring up the price of a crypto token.

Blockfolio Pros

  • Ability to track your crypto across hundreds of exchanges
  • Setting up multiple custom portfolios
  • Ability to display real-time price charts and news
  • Free for iOS and Android


OpenSea is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace. It was founded in 2017 and served as a marketplace for non-fungible tokens developed on the blockchain. Did you know that in 2022, OpenSea is considered one of the best NFT apps available.

Opensea, best crypto apps
Opensea, best crypto apps

Although the original version of OpenSea was created with CryptoKitties in mind, it immediately became apparent that a more broad platform has potential. The company changed its name to “OpenSea” and started developing an Ethereum NFT marketplace to enable a variety of blockchain games and applications.

In this sense, OpenSea aspires to be the industry’s “Swiss Army Knife.” Developers will be able to construct new sorts of games and applications without having to learn specialised programming languages or deal with a single, broad blockchain protocol. This is significant because it allows developers to work in emerging markets without first learning new technology.

Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah, known as the first NFT billionaires, founded OpenSea. However, the company is no longer focused on CryptoKitty. It’s evolved into a marketplace for a variety of digital assets, including:

  • Art
  • Domain games
  • Items for a game
  • Music

The app provides a personalised discovery feed that displays the most recent content that you may like. You can also follow artists to get updates on their latest work and view related art you may like. You may bookmark any NFT to a personal favourites page if you’re simply browsing for now. You may use your favorite page as a watchlist to keep track of valuable NFTs or simply as a personal gallery for your beloved art artwork.

OpenSea Pros

  • Largest NFT Marketplace
  • Listing and Selling option
  • Save NFTs of choice
  • Charges low fees/commission


Nexo is a cryptocurrency lending app that allows you to borrow cash or stablecoins in exchange for your cryptocurrency. This is significant since it enables you to get liquid cash without selling your long-term cryptocurrency investments. Resultantly, you won’t have to miss out on the next hot coin to pay your daily expenses.

Nexo, best crypto apps
Nexo, best crypto apps

Nexo bills itself as the world’s leading regulated digital asset financial institution. Antoni Trenchev is the managing partner and co-founder of the company. It is based in London, England, and was founded in 2017. Nexo claims to have over $15 billion in assets under management and has secured $52.5 million in funding.

There are no fees for transmitting fiat or moving crypto into your Nexo Wallet. And as mentioned previously, Nexo customers will get 1-5 free crypto withdrawals every month based on their loyalty tier. If you elect to borrow against your crypto assets, you’ll be charged interest until your loan is returned. Borrowed funds start at a 6.9 percent interest rate.

Nexo supports 38 cryptocurrencies as collateral, and you may opt to receive your loan in more than 40 fiat currencies and stabelcoins. When making payments towards your loan, it’s up to you whether you want to pay in fiat, crypto, or a combination of both.

You may borrow as little as $50 or as much as $2 million. The amount you may borrow is determined by your loan-to-value ratio, which can be as high as 70%. Nexo does execute margin calls if your loan-to-value ratio grows beyond 83%. However, the app offers multiple notifications before it liquidates any of your collateral.


  • Allows to borrow $50 to $2 million in fiat or stablecoins
  • The rates as low as 0% APR
  • It supports 38 cryptocurrencies as collateral
  • Loan-to-value ratio up to 70%

What are the Best Crypto Apps for HODling

‘HODLing’ is a play on the term ‘holding’ in cryptocurrency jargon. As a result, to ‘HODL’ is to invest in a digital currency and keep your tokens for the long haul. In other words, you’ll be engaging a buy-and-hold strategy in which you’ll hold your tokens for at least a year, if not longer.

Now, if you’re a long-term cryptocurrency investor, it’s a no-brainer to store your coins in an app that pays you interest. You will not only receive regular income payments as a result of this, but you will also benefit if and when the market value of your cryptocurrency increases.

According to our comprehensive research methodology, and Aqru are the top crypto apps for HODLing. This is because both apps provide attractive interest rates in a safe and secure ecosystem.

What is the Best Crypto App for Interest Rate

The best crypto interest apps, as noted above, are and Aqru. If you’re sure about which app is best for your long-term interest-earning requirements, examine the following:

  • Aqru is perhaps the best crypto app for looking for interest in Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is because the platform provides a 7% APY with no minimum lock-up period.
  • If you want to earn interest on stablecoins like the Gemini Dollar, Tether, or USDC, may be a better option. This is due to the fact that stablecoins may yield up to 14%.

That being stated, it may be prudent to take a multifaceted approach in your hunt for the best crypto interest app. As a result, a less risky idea would be to allocate your funds equally between and Aqru.

What are the Best Crypto Apps for Staking?

Staking is another method that which the best crypto apps enable you to earn interest on your digital asset holdings. This will cause you to store your tokens for a certain number of days or weeks. As a result, your tokens will contribute to the respective blockchain network for the purpose of verifying transactions.

And, as long as your tokens are staking, the corresponding crypto app will pay you a rate of interest. We discovered that the best crypto staking apps on the market right now for this purpose is eToro, Aqru, and As we said in our reviews, all three of these crypto apps provide a user-friendly and secure investment experience.


All crypto apps that make it to the top list are better in a certain way. In real, selecting a crypto app is the game of priority. But some fundamentals must be strong, like the app must not be a scam. Safety must be at the apex, and commissions/fees must be minimal. The beauty of the best apps is no minimum deposit requirement and free educational material provided by the founders.

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